All PEB buildings can be designed to support any required Crane Systems. Generally EOT overhead traveling crane up to 15MT, can be rest on brackets. For heavier capacities, an independent support system is provided.

  • All fixing components, cleats and fasteners.
  • Standard finish: shot blast SA 2.5 and shop primer 80 microns.
  • Static calculation and erection drawings.
  • Prefect integration SCI buildings.
  • Single source supply for crane beams and building.
  • Optimization of bay spacing and crane beam span.
  • Integrated design of the crane rail beams in the building.
  • Heavy-duty rails.
  • Laminated rails for easy replacement of.
  • the crane rail.
  • Continuous welding of crane rail to crane beam.
  • End stops, excluding rubber buffers.
  • Technical Specifications.
  • Standard crane capacity: 15 tons
  • Standard crane span: 25m
  • The span of beam: from 6 to 9 bay spacing, with a limit of 8m for crane capacity above 12.5 tons
  • One crane per crane beam, or in case of several cranes, by adding spacers to preservation the design integrity of the beam.
  • Crane types: I (single girder) and II (double girder)